Things You Need to Know About Charm Bracelets

Charms (charm bracelets and necklace for example) are small decorative trinkets that are symbolic and meaningful to the owner. In the past, charms were typically used as amulets to protect the wearer and ward of evil, but today, they can be used to signify a range of things like your interests, hobbies and travels.

A charm bracelet, then, is a bracelet on which you can attach these personal charms to create a customized bracelet that holds meaning and value to you.

Facts about Charm Bracelets

Although it might look like a break through, charm bracelets have already been used by many hundreds of years. Let’s examine the timeline of your background evolution of charm bracelets:

Neolithic Era (over 12,000 years ago) – There’s evidence these particular prehistoric humans used charm bracelets to avert evil spirits and to keep them safe. We were holding constructed from wood, shell, stone or bone and were carved roughly into various shapes. Sometimes, a silly shaped object would be used as a charm. We were holding kept close to safeguard the master from enemies, often worn around the neck. Such ancient charms have been found in Africa, Asia and Europe.

Egyptian Period (about 5000 years ago) – Charms, also known as amulets, were worn to get enjoy, ward of evil and keep one protected from various dangers in this time. People would incorporate charms into their jewelry and sometimes were even buried using charms to be utilized on the afterlife.

Assyrians, Persians and Babylonians (around 2500 years ago) – People of these civilizations will wear bracelets with amulets and charms linked to them. We were holding believed to own magical powers that will keep these things safe and produce good fortune. 

Roman Empire (about 2000 years ago) – Make your best effort, charms were worn by Christians as a way of identifying themselves along with other Christians. This is the period when Christians were persecuted because of the Romans. Standard charm bracelets during this time were the ichthus, a fish-shaped design. Jews will wear tiny charms around their neck, containing fecal material paper on which they wrote Jewish laws. This is meant to be a constant reminder of people laws. 

Middle Ages (around 1500 years ago) – During this time, the nobility and knights will wear charm bracelets to safeguard them from other enemies while helping them to battle against them. Life was nasty, brutish and short and they will do together with the luck they will get. Knights would keep charms hidden under their armor as protection.

Three Common Types of Charms

Gemstone Charms

Gemstones are ideal for charm bracelets as they possibly can add color and personality to the bracelet and possess symbolism and meaning for your wearer. By way of example, birthstones are wide ranging people’s favorite gemstone charm.

Lucky Symbol Charms

There are lots of lucky symbols that purport to make good luck, fortune as well as prevent evil through the wearer. Whether you think of these or not, it is still an excellent symbolic touch and a reminder of positivity.

Some popular of the lucky symbol charm bracelets range from the Hamsa hand, the tree of life, the horseshoe, eye of hours plus the four-leaf clover.

Hobbies and Passions Charms

Together with a charm to display an activity or passion of yours is an excellent solution to customize your charm bracelets.

Someone how loves playing practicing the guitar might add a music charm, as being a music note, guitar pick or tuner for example.

If traveling is your hobby, you may want to add charm bracelets of a plane, a compass, globe or possibly a charm from somewhere you’ve been.  

Charms for Religion

Most people wish to choose charm bracelets to display their faith, whatever which may be. Religious charms are fantastic as the continuing reminder to yourself or permit others recognize that your trust is crucial to you.

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